You’ve Been Lied To!


Let’s be honest, 90% of the things we believe about money are either ingrained in us since childhood or learned by us from listening to our friends and associates, authority figures or advertising. The knowledge we think we possess is just processed information. Unfortunately, most of what you picked up isn’t necessarily true. It’s time to face the fact—you’ve been lied to.

Lie – that’s a pretty strong word. Maybe it’s just misinformation? Could be just misguided advice or even misunderstanding the cause and effect? It doesn’t really matter because whatever you think you know comes back to one thing—it’s probably wrong. That’s right, 90% of it is just plain wrong.

You have to consider the source and the motivation. Who told you it was smart to buy now or save this way or spend that way? Where did those facts come from—and why? From grocers to doctors to insurance companies and auto mechanics, you’re being fed life-changing tips, cures and fixes. You’re scared into believing or shamed into following their leads. But consider the source.

An auto mechanic doesn’t survive if he doesn’t fix your car. Grocers? They don’t make ends meet if you don’t buy their products. Same goes for insurance carriers, widget salesmen and yes, even your bank. They’re in business to sell you something, and believe it or not, they’ll jump through hoops, over the rainbow and around the truth to get into your psyche and your wallet.

What about the way you save your money? Deposit here for more interest, bank here for a free toaster, take out this loan for a more flexible rate, or worse, to solve your cash-flow problems. They can’t all be great deals—but they’ll lead you down the primrose path to convince you otherwise.

The truth is simple-they will lie to you. Call it what you want, but at the end of the rainbow, a lie is lie. And you’ve been fed a lot of them over your lifetime. Worst of all, not only have they been lying to you – you’ve been lying to yourself. You’ve been living these lies for so long that it’s easier to convince yourself that it’s true than to face the facts that it’s all a pack of lies.

The truth is, only you can prevent forest fires—and only you can prevent money disasters by sorting through all that misinformation to discover what’s right and true. Are you ready to get real about your money? If not now—when?