The Money Dynamic is a comprehensive eight-step approach to making better money decisions. It provides you with a carefully constructed set of tools designed to help you achieve the balance you need to thrive.

What’s In The Program?

The Money Dynamic Eight-Step Process.

Section 1:
Why This, Why Now, Why Me?
There are many concepts to master when building a healthy money life. Explore both the internal and external processes that get in the way of a healthy dynamic.

Section 2:
The Discovery Process
Before you can change, you need to know what you’re changing and why. You need to know where you’re at, where you’re going and how to get there.

Section 3:
Conscious Rebellion
There are a lot of hidden things in your dynamic you’re not even aware of. Becoming conscious is about opening your eyes to see what’s really going on.

Section 4:
Short-Circuit the Program
Your past experiences programmed you to think about money in a certain way. This section asks you to stop, look, and learn about your programming.

Section 5:
Cryptic Intelligence
From the moment you’re born, you’re told how and why to spend your money. Take command and decipher these messages to make intelligent decisions.

Section 6:
Rewire the Machine
It’s time for you to know how your brain works. Rewiring the machine is about giving you tools to make your brain your friend, not your enemy.

Section 7:
Breaking the Fall
Money and stress go together like peas and carrots, but they don’t have to. Learn what triggers your stress so you can make a gentle landing.

Section 8:
Target Practice
Practice makes perfect; it’s no different with money. Learn to use all the money elements and before long, using them will be your natural instinct.