5. Rewire the Machine Review

Using your brain to create new habits and reduce stress gets easier with practice. Choosing your Inner Einstein to manage your thinking protects you from your lizard brain.


1. When was I aware of a specific money map? What was it? Do I like it or want to change it?

2. What old behavior did I get stuck in? Why?

3. What new behavior did I try? How did it feel?

4. When did my lizard brain take control? What did I learn? How can I stop it next time?
5. When did I use my Inner Einstein? How did it feel?

6. When did I fall into choice fatigue? How can I avoid it next time?

7. When did I pick up someone’s stress? What was the consequence?
8. When did I pick up someone’s excitement? What was the consequence?

9. When did I think or talk about money in a calm, productive way? Why?

Answer these questions each week:

  • Did I use my brain’s power to stay balanced and healthy? Why or why not?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being a real Einstein, how well did I use my brain’s operating system?