4. Cryptic Intelligence Review

Money messages assault us every day and were in control of our old dynamic. Using your new awareness and programming, you get to choose what you listen to and what you throw out.

Money messages: When did I…

1. Feel pressured to spend? What was the message?

2. Feel pressured to save? What was the message?

3. Feel irresponsible? What was the message?

4. Feel stupid? What was the message?

5. Feel anxious? What was the message?

6. Feel scared? What was the message?

7. Notice friends and family messages? What were they?
8. Notice work money messages? What were they?

9. Notice community money messages? What were they?

10. Notice political money messages? What were they?

11. Notice ethical money messages? What were they?

12. Hear the spin in a financial report? What was it?

Answer these questions at each check-in:

  • Did I decipher money messages to keep myself balanced and healthy? Why or why not?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 meaning “totally tuned in,” how well did I use my radar?