YOUR OWN. Because there are a lot of concepts to master, you might want to do one section a week so you can really see how it applies to your life. Or, you might prefer to go through the whole package and then go back to focus on the sections you find most meaningful. You will determine the best pace for you.
YES! You will reap the most benefit from The Money Dynamic if you follow the sections in the order they were designed.
YES! The exercises are designed to further your comprehension of the lessons and to see how the lesson applies to you.
ABSOLUTELY. The Lessons are designed so that you can redo The Money Dynamic Program after you’ve had a chance to implement and practice the concepts you have learned. By taking the course a second (and sometimes third time), you can see your progress and determine which areas still need work.
USE IT. The section reviews are meant be done each week at first and then monthly. Doing so makes them a habit. You’ll find all the reviews in one place in Section 7: Lesson 7.
Staying balanced and healthy is an ongoing process. On days when you’re feeling safe and secure it’s easier to have the 4 x 25 dynamic. But on days when you’re feeling scared or stressed there is a tendency to fall back to your former habits (just like reaching for that chocolate). And unbalanced score just means it’s time to review the program.
YES. Everything is included in the web version as a PDF for you to download and print including the notebook with extra worksheets, pages for recording your next steps and blank pages for taking notes.
Of course. Just fill out the contact form on the right and request a free consultation with Jane.

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