The Money Dynamic helps you find your balance and build a strong, sure foundation for a long, healthy life. Using the results of The Money Dynamic self-assessment, we show you where you’re off balance, give you eight steps for learning what pushes you off kilter and teach you how to make better choices.

Working with both the internal and external sides of money, The Money Dynamic raises your awareness of how your thinking defines the boundaries of your life and holds you hostage by limiting your ability to reach desired goals and objectives. The program’s exercises help you shift your thinking and expand those boundaries.

We introduce you to the four master elements that make up a balanced, healthy money dynamic. Using the strength of each element, you’ll develop a new approach for making choices that support your life now and into the future. Working with these master elements equally means growth and development comes naturally—not painfully. The end result? A new you, a new view, a new life!

The Money Dynamic self-assessment was developed by CPA Jane Honeck and Psychotherapist Spencer Melnick based on their years of education and experience in financial planning, psychotherapy and life coaching. With consultation and input from Spencer, Jane developed The Money Dynamic Program based on the concepts in her internationally published and award-winning book, The Problem With Money? It’s Not About the Money!

Jane Honeck, CPA, PFS, PCC

JaneHoneck2Jane is founder of Honeck-O’Toole Certified Public Accountants in Portland, Maine where she was a traditional financial consultant for over 30 years. As a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), Jane worked with thousands of individuals and businesses helping them make sense of their financial world.

She is a Certified Empowerment Trainer with the Empowerment Institute of New York where she studied under empowerment pioneers, Gail Straub and David Gershon. She furthered her education at the Gestalt International Study Center becoming a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as a GISC Certified Coach. She is currently a Professional Associate at the Center.

Jane’s coaching programs and workshops combine her extensive money management experience with her in-depth awareness of human consciousness and reflect her passion for helping her clients move forward with their lives. As host of The Money Dynamic Radio Show and author of a weekly blog, Jane presents new ways to think about money and our world. She is a frequent speaker and writer on a wide variety of money and life issues. Jane lives in Freeport, Maine where she coaches individuals, couples and companies in person, by phone or by Skype.