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Your Conversation Doesn't Have To End In Screaming!


Let’s be honest, 90% of the things we believe about money are either ingrained in us since childhood or learned by us from listening to our friends and associates, authority figures or advertising. The knowledge we think we possess is just processed information...

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The Money Dynamic raises your awareness of the many forces at play when you make even the simplest money decisions. You don’t exist in a vacuum and neither does your money life. Everything and everyone influences how you think and act with money — every day.

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You cannot force the people around you to change! Oh, you can ask them to change, you can wish they would change, but the more you try to change them, the more resistance you will encounter. No, it doesn’t work when we try to change another person.

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About Jane Honeck & Spencer Melnick

Award winning author Jane Honeck, has counseled individuals and businesses for over 30 years as a traditional financial consultant at Honeck-O’Toole Certified Public Accountants, the firm she founded in Portland, Maine.

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Spencer Melnick is a psychotherapist, coach, trainer, and organizational consultant based in Portland, Maine. He provides leadership development and coaching to individuals, teams and organizations.

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Money Matters Jane Honeck & Spencer Melnick

Changing your thinking can change your life

It’s time to get real about money

What People Are Saying About The Money Dynamic

  • As an estate planning and elder law attorney, The Money Style is a value-add for both me and my clients. It's positive and optimistic framework and language helps ease the way into and thru difficult money conversations. I'm able to highlight the pros and cons of different planning options in a more meaningful way that aligns with a client's Money Style, and my clients walk away with a new awareness and language for continuing their money conversations on their own.

    Gwynne Wiatrowski Guzzeau, Gwynne Wiatrowski Guzzeau, LLC - Counselor At Law - A Lawyer Who Listens
  • Learning our money styles helped us to decide what would be best as individuals and as partners in the dance.

    Shaun and Judy Taudvin
  • The results are understanding deeper issues around money and finances and learning sustainable methods for dealing with managing, maintaining and enjoying those financial resources to live a better life.

    Christiane Frischmuth, Global Frischmuth Consulting, LLC
  • Money is a topic that usually stays underground, that no one wants to talk about, and yet may underlie many relational challenges. Using Your Money Style begins the difficult money dialogue and gives everyone a voice in the conversation where they can feel supported and understood. There isn’t anything else out there that gives me, the consultant, a simple means for starting my clients thinking and talking about how money really impacts their organization.

    Debra Brosan, MA OD, ACC, CEO, gestaltworks, LLC

The Money Conversation Is Everywhere!

  • What Percentage Of Most Arguments Involve Money?
  • What Percentage Of Most Stress Is About Money?
  • What Percentage Of The Day Has A Hidden Money Message?

It's Not About The Money, It's About The Money Conversation...

The Money Dynamic is intended to be a tool for changing the way you think about, talk about and act with money.
Although they are natural byproducts, The Money Dynamic was not developed as a tool to help save more, spend less or earn more money.